The Gold Call Script-Builder Kit


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⭐️ Capture the INSTANT attention of your sales prospects.

⭐️ Get to 'First Base' w/ every prospect you talk to.

⭐️ Easily find your way to decision-makers.

⭐️ STOP sales objections in advance.

⭐️ Reach a decision on EVERY sales call you make!


Your Gold Call Script-Builder Includes:

⭐️ Complete E-Learning Self-Study Course w/ Audio & Video Instruction

⭐️ The Gold Call Script - Assembly Instructions

⭐️ The Gold Call Script-Builder Workbook

⭐️ The Gold Call Script Composition Tool

⭐️ (1) 1-on-1 Gold Call Coach Session (1hr.)


Bonus The Gold Call Coach - Session Recordings

(*7.5 hours of e-learning content)

Complete library of recorded coaching sessions that demonstrate how to master The Gold Call Script for YOUR SPECIFIC BUSINESS.

GOLD CALL COACH - E-Learning Curriculum

⭐️The Attention Economy

⭐️The Money Step

⭐️Your Miranda Rights in Sales

⭐️Getting Conversation Started

⭐️Qualifying by Disqualifying

⭐️Finding Prospect 'Pain'

⭐️Building Rapport

⭐️Using Humor To Get Your Foot in the Door

⭐️Up Front Agreements w/ Prospects

⭐️Treating "Yes" and "No" as Equals

⭐️Overcoming Objections w/ Negative Questions

Gold Call Recordings