About Pete Ekstrom - The 'Gold Caller'

Peter Ekstrom

I started my sales career 28 years ago selling long distance phone service door-to-door to businesses in a Manhattan territory, back when you could walk into any building, take the elevator to the top floor, and cold call your way back down to the lobby. Over time I developed a refined skill for getting my foot in the door, and it has earned me a good living to this present day. 10 years ago I decided to go into business for myself, and I hired myself out to technology companies as a service for lead generation and demand creation.

Each day I do what I ask any of my students to do.

I pick up the phone, dial up target prospects, and sell them on the idea that it makes sense to meet with my client. I estimate that over the course of the past 10 years I have scheduled close to 3,000 sales meetings that have resulted in over $15 million in new sales revenue.

About six years ago I recognized a paradigm shift in what it takes to breakthrough and grab the attention of prospects over the telephone. The typical 'elevator pitch' that had served me so well in the past was not doing enough to get me past the outer layer of resistance that prospects tend to have when they take a sales call from a vendor. No sooner did I get to the good part by stating my value proposition and client references, when my prospect would mount a defense to my call, and raise stalls and objections. I recognized the need to change my game in terms of what I said to prospects if I was going to get past the objections, close more sales appointments, and stay in business.

That's when I came up with the Gold Call Script.

The Gold Call Script is a simple dialogue outline that serves as a catalyst for conversation with prospects. Prospects have heard the 'elevator pitch' hundreds of times by now, so I changed my sales pitch into an interview type sales call that gets to the point quickly, qualifies my prospect, gathers pertinent information, and then successfully closes my prospect for more of their undivided attention. It is the unobstructed path to the undivided attention of my prospect that I am in constant pursuit of. My thinking is that if my prospect isn't paying attention, how can I possibly expect them to pay me for my product?

What makes me unique in the sales training business is that I use the actual recorded phone conversations I've had with real sales prospects to demonstrate how I properly negotiate for the prospect's undivided attention in this crazy busy world we live in.

I have posted a few sample out-takes of my sales calls up on my website.

As you listen to my calls you will hear how I apply a variety of conversational tactics to the conversations I have with my prospects. What you may find most interesting about my call recordings are the positive responses I get from my prospects to my Gold Call. Prospects thank and compliment me for the way I made the call. That's the competitive advantage of the Gold Call Script in a nutshell, prospects really like it.

My training curriculum comes in 5 'flavors':

If, after listening to my Gold Call Recordings you find my unique style of prospect conversation appealing, I would welcome the opportunity to add your company to my growing list of satisfied customers around the world.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Developed the U.S. market for e-commerce software company Touch Clarity Ltd. (UK), and helped facilitate the sale of Touch Clarity’s business to Omniture for $51 million.
  • Built a $29 million sales pipeline for Patni Americas in 2010.
  • Closed over $200,000 in new business for ConnectandSell in 2009.
  • Generated 250 qualified sales leads in 30 days for the Halogen Software inside sales team in 2008.

Gold Call Recordings